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単結晶育成装置 単結晶育成装置 テトラアーク式単結晶引き上げ装置 光ファイバー用線引き装置

NEWS New Products : Melting Furnace by Single Arc (Vertical type) TMA-6H

A compact type of TCA4-6C joined newly in a series of Tetra Arc Furnaces (TCA4 series).

Further energy saving and securing of safety are required in manufacturing field for saving limited natural resources and protecting global environment in the endless technical breakthroughs in science technology.

Main product range
Oxide material single crystal growth equipment(CZ,EFG) High pressure single crystal growth equipment for compound semiconductors
Poly crystal production furnace for compound semiconductors Single crystal growth equipment for various materials
Crystal growth furnace for multi-purposes (CZ, FZ, BM furnace) Fibre drawing equipment
Various types of BM furnace (vacuum, ordinary and high pressure) Melting furnace by arc melting
Various resistance heating furnaces Liquid phase epitaxial growth furnace
Single crystal growth equipment by tri arc and tetra arc melting

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